1.  Janitor (Assuming the zombie wasn’t bleeding all over the place, you could just tie brooms to its feet.)

2.  Prison Guard (As long as they’re on the outside of the cell block, what prisoner would risk an escape?)

3.  Dog Walker (They would need a muzzle, but the dog would gets lots of exercise.)

4.  Survivor Finder (When there’s an Earthquake, a zombie on a leash could find fresh brains, fast!)

5.  Sherpa  (Why should you carry all that gear, when your zombie is available?)

6.  Lawn Mower (Assuming there’s nothing else other than grass to run over with the push mower, chain the zombie to a post in the lawn and let him go round and round.)

7.  Carnie (It’s just not that hard to run the bumper cars.)

8.  Archery Range Arrow Retriever (Don’t worry, he can do his job while you’re shooting.)

9.  Car Alarm (No one is going to steal your car if there’s a zombie in it.)

10.  Firefighter (Just tie dozens of water balloons around him and send him in.)