Ingredients: One bong, dime bag, glass baking pan, one cup condensed milk, two cups chocolate chip cookies, 1.5 cups of Graham Cracker crumbs, two sticks of butter, one cup of walnuts

Step 1: Decide to get high, break out chronic.

Step 2:  Smoke weed, become famished.

Step 3:  Go to pantry to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag, notice recipe on bag.

Step 4:  Get stick of butter, place in pan, put pan in oven.

Step 5:  Play video games.

Step 6:  Remember cookie project, check oven, realize that it’s off.

Step 7:  Put on oven, smoke weed while it heats up.

Step 8:  Mix Graham cracker crumbs with butter to create crust.

Step 9:  Eat mouthful of Graham cracker crumbs.

Step 10:  Sprinkle chocolate chips over crumbs.

Step 11:  Pour in condensed milk.

Step 12:  Place pan in oven.

Step 13:  Smoke another bowl.

Step 14:  Remember walnuts.  Say, “fuck it” and eat from bag.

Step 15:  Play video games.

Step 16:  Get awesome idea to eat chocolate chips straight from bag.

Step 17:  Notice recipe on bag.  Decide to make cookie bars.

Step 18:  Place stick of butter in pan, prepare to put in oven.

Step 19:  Discover finished cookies in oven!  Look around in amazement.

Step 20:  Eat cookies.  Call friends and explain magic cookie bars appeared in oven.