1.  Murder Rampages  (Beyond telling me to avoid a certain area, why glorify the guy that went nuts?)

2.  Funerals/Memorial Services  (This is not news.  This is supposed to be a private event for family and friends.)

3.  Trials in progress (As much as I was glued to the set for the O.J. trial, looking back I think it was not a good thing.  Too much chance of the jury being influenced.)

4.  Politicians taking a tour of disaster areas  (The only reason I think politicians do this is because the news will cover it and make them look good.  This can only slow down rescue/clean up as resources are required for security.)

5.  What’s on TV  (Not sure when this started, but it’s like inserting an extra commercial in my news.)

6.  The personal lives of celebrities  (I really just don’t care.  Anyone that does probably isn’t very interested in actual news and there are million other shows for that.)

7.  Politicians expressing sorrow for a national tragedy (For the same reasons as #4.  Politicians barely work as it is, let’s not eat up their day demanding a statement on something they had absolutely nothing to do with.  Tragedies are tragic and they’re not going to say anything different than any other human being would say.  Unless they are directly involved, why put these people on the spot?)

8.  Are teens doing bad things?  (The answer is yes.  We were all teenagers.  We all did stupid shit in an attempt to get laid.  Nothing had changed.  Stop glorifying it by putting it on TV.)

9.  Is X dangerous to you and your family?  (The answer is no.  If X was dangerous, the story would be “Look out!  X is going to kill you!”.  The fact that it’s a question that the news people are pretending to “explore” tells you it’s just the latest fear-mongering trend.)

10.  Speculation (Stop bringing in “experts” to speculate what might have happened to “X” or “Y”.  If there’s no information, there’s not fucking news!)