Hey Bros!

Welcome to  Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is voice of Lana on Archer, Aisha Tyler.  She’s funny on the show, let’s see how funny she tweets.


December 1st:  “At Westfield Century City 12-2 2day raising $ for #toysfortots w/@AmericanExpress! Take a pic w/me, give a kid a toy. pic.twitter.com/FVZ67Cdg

Aw, that’s nice.

December 1st:  “The things I will do to raise money for kids. Who am I kidding? I would do this anyway. #toysfortots http://instagr.am/p/StViGVhOGj/

Is that “Instagram for Tots”?

December 1st:  “apparently they soak peanuts in a crack solution before they roast them. yes. I ate all of that. #cantstopwontstop pic.twitter.com/x8NfY2jU

No wonder they serve those at Five Guys.

December 1st:  “This Nebraska-Wisconsin game is literally hurting my feelings. Somebody, please, make it stop. ”

She knows football.  Sounds like someone should be getting a cameo on The League.

December 2nd:  “OMG TYREESE! #twd

Somebody famous had to survive the zombies.  I’m still waiting for Bill Murray to show up.

December 3rd:  “The fantastic bettywhite was on The Talk today being typically awesome. Recognize. http://instagr.am/p/SyU-HGhOA6/

Aw, that’s nice.  She’d be funny on Archer.  She could play Malory’s rival.

5 hours ago:  “Girl on Guy Army, airline pilots are listening to @girlonguy in the cockpit. We are, indeed, legion. (Thx Br http://instagr.am/p/S1bu2CBOPR/

Nice.  How many projects does this woman have?  This movie was one of my favorite cameos.

1 hour ago:  “. @girlonguy 71 is w/geek goddess @feliciaday. let the nerd magic wash all the way over you. yes. http://p.odca.st/5202347

Awesome.  This will be like listening to a Lana podcast.

Okay, let’s rate Aisha’s tweets.  I give her a 7 for Insanity, 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.  C’mon Archer fans, you gotta follow Lana.

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