No doubt as you’re reading this, I’m hunkered in my basement hoping the power does go out and leave my sump pump dead.  The East Coast is being hit by a hurricane and here are ten things you definitely don’t want to see in one.

1.  Trees taking flight.

2.  Electricity traveling along the rain.

3.  A mime.  (Mimes would be especially annoying during a crisis.)

4.  Any water-borne vehicle in the street.

5.  Zombies.  (It would be like that hurricane level in Left 4 Dead 2.)

6.  A waterfall.  It’s not good, no matter where you see it.

7.  A group of army guys.

8.  A weatherman standing on your front lawn with an umbrella.

9.  A guy with a crowbar and a shopping cart full of various belongings from the houses nearby.

10.  A wave.