1.  “Hey, you in the next stall.  Do you see the gloryhole on your side?  I can’t find it.”

2.  “Can I borrow someone’s camera?  I gotta put this one on Facebook.”

3.  “Be quiet!  Some us are trying to masturbate!”

4.  “Does anyone else’s urinal cake taste weird?”

5.  “Can someone hand me a towel?  I’m ready to get out of this tiny bathtub.”

6.  “Peeing in the sink saves water.”

7.  “Who wants a free Cleveland Steamer?!”

8.  “Does anyone else know how to make a pitbull sit on a toilet seat?!  We have a fight in ten minutes!”

9.  “This hand blower is not getting my genitals as dry as I want them.”

10.  “Ready!  Set!  Poop!”