1.  Bob finally made an honest man of Mike!  Congrats to both!

2.  The secret ingredient to the breading is centipede.

3.  The Fire Island Chick-Fil-A is packed today!

4.  The Chick-Fil-A flash games just added a Pride Parade level for “Dan Cathy’s Chick-Fil-A Adventure”.

5.  Congrats to Tina and Nancy on their adoption!

6.  Our new spokesman, Daniel Tosh, will be signing autographs!

7.  Buy two chicken sandwiches this week and get a double ended dildo absolutely free!

8.  Wow!  Our customers sure are in shape!

9.  Remember, if you launch into a screed about how hate-filled our company is, you get a free order of fries!

10.  We are currently out of Westboro Baptist Church action figures for the kids meals.