1.  A female superhero’s costume that doesn’t accentuate cleavage and/or ass.

2.  A hero who has to let go a criminal because he really has to take a shit.

3.  A neighborhood watch whose job it is to keep hero and villains away so they “take it somewhere else”.

4.  A regular guy that just uses Google Earth to locate superhero secret headquarters and blackmail them.

5.  A police sniper that shoots a villain while he’s distracted fighting a hero.

6.  A person who gets superpowers and decides that he’ll still go to college to become an accountant.

7.  A superhero whose only power is to give abortions to anyone he points at.

8.  A popular character dying and staying dead.

9.  A hero with superpowers that brings a gun anyway and shoots people when his powers don’t work.

10.  A guy in a skin tight, spandex outfit that gets laughed at by criminals because he’s sporting a major boner.