On many days, Facebook could be named Failbook but there are some depths that not even Myspace users would sink.  Here now are Ten Updates You’ll Never See on Facebook.

1.  I just got my PhD!

2.  Just took down my baby pictures.  Apparently, they were annoying everyone.

3.  Games?  There are games on Facebook?

4.  I just opened an account at Friendster!

5.  You’re right.  I probably should use entire words and grammatically correct sentences.  Gosh, I must’ve sounded like an asshole in my last post.

6.  Is there a way to contact more people I knew in high school but never really wanted to talk to?

7.  This is such a horrible porn site.  Takes me forever to masturbate to these pics.

8.  I just opened an account at Klout!

9.  Gosh I love the privacy settings, so easy to use!

10.  My Facebook stock is way up!