Joss Whedon is the heir to the geek throne.  Let’s face it, the man knows his shit.  Here’s Ten Things You’ll Never Hear Joss Whedon Fans Say.

1:  “What the fuck was Whedon thinking with the Hulk?  Why would he fight giant dogs?”

2:  “I can’t believe they’re going to remake Firefly with Ryan Reynolds as Mal.”

3.  “Of course I’ve seen every episode of Dollhouse.”

4.  “Whedon is directing a new Star Wars movie?  That’ll never work.”

5.  “Antman is going to be the coolest part of Avengers 2.”

6.  “The original Buffy movie was better.”

7.  “I do not understand the appeal of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along.”

8. “Joss Whedon is at Comic Con?  What’s Comic Con?”

9.  “There just wasn’t enough pop culture references.”

10.  “I can’t see the Avengers tonight, I have a date.”