Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is funny man, Steve Carell.  Veteran of the Daily Show, the Office and many funny things.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as funny.


February 24th:  “First order of business: I will not be doing any “That’s What She Said” jokes. It’s just too hard for me…”

Okay, get it out of your system.

February 24th:  “It just won’t leave me satisfied.” “I’m sorry. I don’t have it in me.” “I don’t think that I can keep this up.”

You could probably do a separate twitter just for Michael Scottisms.  Of course, if you didn’t do it right, someone could really suck at it.  Boom!  That’s what she said!

February 27th:  “After enjoying a tuna fish sandwich, my seven year old son kindly asked me to “Change my breath”.”

Nice.  He’s got your funny genes.

March 3rd:  “The next person who calls me a “nice guy” is going to get punched in the face.”

Did the people that call you that see “Evan Almighty”?

March 6th:  “I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of my ass on my ass.”

It’s gotta be better than this.

March 8th:  “I’ve decided to start tweeting words and phrases that I dislike intensely. First up: “Lunch-meats”.”

And then Steve Tweeted:  Iconic, Tube-socks, Appe-teaser, Doppler 7000, Doppler 8000 and Doppler Radar.

I think it’s the hard C’s and O’s that make these words annoying.  Or the mispronunciation.  That’s what drives me nuts with any word.

March 12th:  “True Story: Guy in Store: “Hey, are you Chris Carell?” Me: “Yes.” Guy: “I’m your biggest fan.””

In his defense, he is the tallest.

March 16th: “I’ve been looking for an un-registered dietitian, but they’re impossible to find.”

Go to South America.  They’re everywhere and they also drive the cabs.

March 19th:  “This morning I had a delicious breakfast of hashtags and bacon.”

I’m not sure if you can eat those, but they probably do taste better with bacon.

March 21st:  “Beauty tip: Drink at least 300 ounces of water a day. Your skin will glow! ***Spoiler Alert***This will result in kidney failure and death.”

That’s 2.34 gallons.  Definitely lots of peeing.

5 hours ago:  “Hyperbole is a thousand times better than exaggeration.”

More like a million times.

Okay, let’s rate Steve’s tweets.  No behind-the-scenes stuff, which is a shame because he’s working with Kiera Knightley in what looks like something interesting.  For Mustness, I give him a 6.  For Style, a 7 and for Insanity a 9.  That’s an overall score of 7.3.  Not bad.  Follow Steve, bros!  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.