We get an incredible amount of spam here at Super Frat HQ and it pretty much says the same thing.  (Don’t worry, as soon as I get this windfall from a Nigeria prince, I’m gonna hire a guy to keep it from hitting the site.)  But until that happens, here are Ten Things You’ll Never See Spam Email Say.

1.  Penis length is over rated.

2.  Russian brides don’t want to have sex with you, but they’ll pretend to want to if you help them get a green card.

3.  Click here for farts to download directly into your computer.

4.  Make your vagina huge with just one pill a day!

5.  There’s nothing in this to click or download.  God I’m pathetic.  It hasn’t been the same since Karen left.  Sorry, I don’t know why I sent this.

6.  Dear sir.  I am a rich, American Prince looking to escape Alabama and move my money to the safe confines of a Nigerian bank.

7.  If you didn’t fall for this scam, would you mind taking this brief survey to tell us why?

8.  Click this attachment if you’re ready to throw this computer in the trash.

9.  Download this software and it automatically puts clothes on any naked pictures on the Internet you might come across.

10. Want to meet hot Amish singles, English?