Hey Bros!
Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is Norm Macdonald, SNL alumn, stand up comic and voice of Death on Family Guy. Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


October 26th:  “Today, I acted like I could act; the highest form of acting.”

Back in October?  I’m guessing it’s the voice for Vampire Dog.

November 10th:  “Seems like I’ve been on the road now for a pickler’s fortnight.”

I tried to Google that, but my computer just kept coming back with “don’t be stupid”.

November 14th:  “If directing your minions to slaughter innocents is now considered a crime, then call me Charles Manson.”

My minions are incredibly impressionable.

November 19th:  “A pedophile is the worst kind of monster and a pedophile costume is the worst kind of Halloween Monster costume.”

I’d have to agree.  It’s frightening.

November 26th:  “The more I read about this Hitler character the more I don’t care for him.”

Great.  Now I’ve spittaked all over the computer and it just keep saying, “nice going, a-hole”.

January 21st:  “In the Captain’s defense “Women and children first” is highly sexist and ageist.”

That’s my motto when the ship starts to sink.  “Let the fit survive!’

January 27th:  “”That’s not a trophy, this is a trophy.”: Serialkiller Dundee”

“It puts the lotion on the barbie.”

January 28th:  “”A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse.”: stupidest king ever”

King Richard, not the brightest of monarchs.

January 28th:  “”A kingdom! A kingdom! My horse for a kingdom”: Guy who who earlier impulsively traded his kingdom for a horse”

Follow up tweet.  Boom!  Hilarious.

January 31st:  “”I don’t know much about history”: Thucydides the Modest”

Hey that’s a real guy.  But since he was Greek, I assume he didn’t have a problem walking around with his junk out.

January 31st:  “”I think therefore I am”: some stupid dead french guy”

Hey, stop picking on the king.

January 31st:  “”That which does not kill me makes me stronger”: Stephen Hawking trying out irony”

Oh, sure, make a joke about a guy in a wheelchair.  Now try one out about Shaquille O’Neal.  Oh, wait, you did that.

Okay, let’s rate Norm’s tweets.  He’s a bit sporadic, so a 6 for Mustness.  High quality though and funny.  8 for Style and 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 7.6.  Ah, what the Hell, let’s give him an 8.  C’mon, for Norm!  So go follow him bros.

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