Jason Segel revives the Muppets in this Disney sort of “best of the Muppet Show” movie.  It’s corny, but it’s also classic.  New viewers will probably miss most of the asides to the original Muppet Show.

The plot is simple: Jason (who plays Gary) has a brother named Walter who is a Muppet.  The brothers are the world’s biggest Muppet fans.  Gary has been dating Mary (Amy Adams) and the three end up going to Los Angeles and finding out the Muppet Theater is going to be demolished for an oil well instead of being turned into a Muppet Museum as Kermit hoped.  The old gang has to get back together for one last show to save the theater.  You can pretty much write the rest.  Cameos abound.

There are songs and musical numbers, most of which are very short.  So, like the jokes, when they don’t work there’s another on right behind it.  If you’re a fan of the old show, you’ll definitely love it.  For kids, it will probably be hit or miss.  Although the movie addresses the Muppets’ relevance, they are showing their age a little.  And, as always, it’s weird to me to see Muppet feet and legs, but the movie keeps it to a minimum.  Kudos for Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller for bringing back literally every Muppet in the old cast.  The Muppets movie is fun.

I give the Muppets 8 out of 10 keggers.  It’s pretty decent.