Hey Bros.

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Oh, I’m psyched for this week’s twitterer, it’s Kurt Sutter, creator of one of my favorite shows, The Sons of Anarchy.  The show is getting very intense if you haven’t been watching.  (I think they are going to kill off Ron Perlman’s character.)  Let’s see what Kurt is tweeting.


November 13th:  “Spending the day with my amazing wife @kateylous. #LUCKYMAN

Wow, you are married to both Gemma and Leela.  Unfortunately, you’re also married to Peg, but two out of three.

November 14th:  “Choosing music for episodes 413 414. Maybe my favorite part of the job.”

That sounds like fun.  The S.O.A. soundtrack would have to rock.

November 14th:  “I always get uptight when episodes score big with fans & critics (410). Feel like I’m getting se up for the next episode being “less than”.”

Nah.  Let the haters hate.  Who cares?  I was just watching the show tonight.  I don’t know how you’re going to avoid killing most or all of the cast by the end of this season.

November 14th:  “@DavidHasselhoff can you say EL HOFFO?”

And you’re friends with the Hoff, who apparently has created a new superhero persona for himself.

November 14th:  “Didn’t know the HUNGER GAMES was about actual hunger games. Thought it was a metaphor. Seems less interesting now. TWILIGHT with evil sports”

Yeah, why are people going so crazy for that movie?

15 hours ago:  “I was thinking of turning over my twitter feed to a PR firm to improve my tarnished Emmy profile, but none of those cunts would take the job”

Plus legally, no one in PR can use the word “cunt”.

15 hours ago:  “Do not miss CALL OF DUTY tonight. 90 minutes of explosive fun. My homage to gaming and once again we say GOODBYE to a member of SAMCRO.”

That was messed up.  Do you feel bad when you kill off an actor’s character?

15 hours ago:  “I called Ashton to recommend a good PR firm, he’s using NAMBLA & Assoc. They’re based in PA, just south of Reason, 100 miles from Decency.”

Whoa!  Boo-yah!  Take that Penn State!  I was just reading about the case too.  It is majorly fucked up.  This missing D.A. is just another crazy element.

13 hours ago:  “I love DL. He’s a man full of vigorous determination and genuine gratitude. http://collider.com/david-labrava-sons-of-anarchy-interview/126503/

Awesome.  His character’s still alive, right?  He could come back and save things at the end.

7 hours:  “@SashaGrey you can read to my kids anytime. My daughter loves anal-themed stories. “Everyone Poops” is her favorite. tmz.com/2011/11/15/sch…

You are living the life, bro.  Hobnobbing with the stars.

4 hours ago:  “The day I write a show where every episode pleases every critic is the day I turn in my originality card. My mind, … http://say.ly/TAU105T

It’s jealousy.  Nuthin’ but jealousy.  This wish they had your life.  I wish I had your life.

Okay, let’s rate Kurt’s tweets.  Kurt’s a genuine guy.  I give him a 9 for Style, definitely crazy for saying some of this shit, so 9 for Insanity and he’s on here a bunch giving the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff I like, so 10 for Mustness.  That’s a 9.3.  Very high.  Gotta follow Kurt and watch the Sons of Anarchy if you haven’t.  It’s full of awesome.