Johnny Depp is back in another Hunter S. Thompson book.  It’s an important book, as it is Hunter’s first one and it’s fictional.  Based on Hunter’s stint in San Juan, this isn’t Fear and Loathing.  This story is “proto-Hunter”.  It’s the author trying to find his voice in a strange, corrupt world.

I found it an amazingly entertaining film, but understand that I am a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan.  As a movie, it promises a little too much.  The over-the-top craziness isn’t as crazy as the trailer would have you to believe.  There is a story there and Depp does do his Hunter voice.

The cast is great and includes Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli, Giovanni Ribisi and the absolute, drop-dead gorgeous Amber Heard and her rack.  Amber Heard could pretty much be in any movie, stand in front of a wall and try on various outfits and I’d probably go see it.  That being said, she plays a good crazy party girl.   And yes, she’s naked in a few scenes.  Not as naked as she’s been in previous movies, but naked enough.

The ending is a little pat, but hey, it was Hunter’s first novel.  Up until the last minute, it’s a damn fun ride.  It’s totally worth seeing.  I give it 9 out of 10 keggers.