Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy!  If there is someone who is not a fan of this man, I don’t know them.  Let’s check out his tweets.


October 21st:  “On the carol Burnett show in the late ’60’s. LLAP http://twitpic.com/73rkn6

Someone find this link to this video…now!

October 21st:  “Seeing LLAP T shirts popping up. Airports, restaurants,etc.Love it.!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SecretSelves LLAP”

Proceeds go to the Vulcan Institute of Learning.

October 26th:  “I’m still feeling the waves of good will from the convention in Chicago.Also Vegas and other cities. Thanks to all. LLAP”

Can’t believe you’re done conventions.  No wait, I can’t believe you did conventions that long.

October 27th:  “There’s only one Spocktober and THIS IS IT !!! LLAP”

Ha!  Spocktober!  Gotta get a Spock-olantern!

October 27th:  “Had lunch today with JJ Abrams. Dinner tomorrow with Zachary Quinto. Totally Star Trek’d. Great people. LLAP”

Nice.  Are you hobnobbing with them?  No!  They’re hobnobbing with you!

October 28th:  “JJ was curious about my Secret Selves project. I sent him a catalogue of the show which includes a DVD. Find it on http://Leonardnimoyphotography.com LLAP”

Nice!  I like the painting lesbian.

October 28th:  “From “Kid Monk Baroni” 1952 LLAP http://twitpic.com/776k47

October 31st: “Happy scary day. As a kid I was always a pirate. Cardboard patch over one eye and a cardboard sword. LLAP”

Yar! Gimme yer booty! T’is most logical! Aaargh!

6 hours ago: “A thought: Love the art in yourself. Not yourself in the art. LLAP”

Any chance that you’ll rerelease this?

Okay, let’s rate Leonard’s tweets. Okay, I’m totally biased here. How can I not give him 10’s across the board? I know, it’s not an accurate rating, but it’s Spock. Spock! Spoooooooooocck!

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