Haven’t done a video game review in a while because, quite frankly, there hasn’t been a game out since GTA IV that got me excited enough to buy it new.  That all changed the moment I start hearing about the buzz surrounding Batman Arkham City.  I am here to confirm that all the positive rumors are true.  If you could make sweet love to a video game, this would be at the top of your list.  It’s amazing.

The characters are you know and love are all here: Joker, Harley, Two-Face, Batman, Alfred and on and on.  It’s a sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum, so the controls are the same, the same weapons, but with a few new improvements.  The best part is, you can just walk around and kick ass.  You know in other games where there’s this big learning curve and you’re constantly getting killed?  Not so much with Batman with the thug fighting.  Batman is clearly the superior fighter, as he should be.

The graphics are just gorgeous.  Everything from the buildings to the wind to the cleavage looks just great.  It makes me wish I owned a better TV.  Dialogue is slightly harsher that the cartoon, but pretty on the mark.  The opening story that sets the whole thing in motion is a good plot hook too.  I’m a Batman fan and I’m normally very picky, but this game finally made me put down GTA IV.  Buy this.  It’s worth every penny.

Also, look for the bonus packs that will include extra skins so you can play as Robin, Nightwing and various Batmans including FRANK MILLER DARK KNIGHT RETURNS BATMAN.  I was half tempted just to lock the game away until this comes out in a few months.  Can’t fucking wait.

I give this game 10 out of 10 keggers.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kick some Joker ass.