Hey Bros!

Your news junkie blogger is here with another batch of Rewritten Headlines. Who has time to read the news, when you can just skim the important stories from my tactless observations? Enjoy!

Real Headline: Farewell, Oprah

Rewritten: Phil Donahue Now Free to Return to Television

Real Headline: Macho Man’s Autopsy—  Cause of Death Not Known

Rewritten: Meatstick Spokesman Death Still Not “Snapped Into”

Real Headline: Mitch Daniels Hurt, Gets 16 Stitches in Forehead

Rewritten: Republican Gets Head Examined

Real Headline: Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life Takes Top Honors At Cannes

Rewritten: Movie That You Didn’t See Instead of Thor Wins Award

Real Headline: Volcano Eruption In Iceland Shuts Down Air Travel

Rewritten: Trip You Couldn’t Afford Would’ve Been Canceled Anyway