Hey Bros:

It’s been a crazy, work-filled week trying to scramble for new sponsors for May. While on my journey, I had stopped for gas. I gave the guy a 20 and waited patiently. Suddenly, there was smoke coming from behind me and the guy was screaming to shut down the pumps.

My gas had finished pumping and there was some kind of fire happening. I figured it was small at first. So small, I didn’t even look as there was not much smoke. But another clerk walked back and handed me my receipt. But I had only gotten ten dollars of gas, so I wanted my change.

Then, I got out of the car and noticed that the fire was quite large and not all that far from the pumps. The other customers had all quickly fled and I got a lung full of burning rubber and plastic. Sadly, I really didn’t want to pay double for my gas, so I gingerly went over to the guy, who was trying to pull a fire extinguisher off the wall and said, “I know you got a crisis here, but I didn’t get my change.” He quickly got my change. I took this short video and got the Hell out of there.