Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die! I am psyched for this week’s tweet from James Urbaniak who does the voice to one of my all-time favorite cartoons, The Venture Brothers. He is the voice of Dr. Venture and I will read all his tweets in that voice. Let’s see if he tweets as well as he voices.

Okay, at first glance, James is an animal on the Twitter.  I’m going to have to pick and choose.  He answers a lot of people.  Let’s skim through the last 24 hours or so.

April 25th:  “@pattonoswalt IMDB (and an Ebert book) identifies Tim Robbins as being one of the assassins in “Network.” Not true!”

A common mistake, as that assassin was extremely green about all his murders.

April 25th:  “@pattonoswalt On the other hand, Absolute Fact: I am an extra in “Turk 182.””

The IMDB never lists that kind of thing.  But they do list your portrayal of R. Crumb in American Splendor.

20 hours ago: “”Traditional marriage” bigots now insisting on Traditional Judging: http://fxn.ws/e9akv6″

Hey did you hear about that Kentucky church though?

20 hours ago: “This guy’s Jesse Eisenberg impression is pretty damn good but he’s a little too robotic in replicating the cadence. A- http://bit.ly/faQCXj”

Let’s compare!

19 hours ago: “Always a bummer to discover the joke you tweeted a month ago was done by the Onion two years ago.”

At least it wasn’t done two days ago. Plus, the Onion is just relentless. You go anywhere near a news joke and you’re bound to have overlap with that or the Daily Show.

19 hours ago: “Always a bummer when South Park already did your last tweet. RT @cfCollision @JamesUrbaniak ‘Simpsons did it!’ Life in the funny lane, man.”

Oh, no!

18 hours ago: “First step is recognizing the problem. RT @KChenoweth I don’t know how to DM!”

The key is, don’t let the players see your die rolls and fudge them to make the game more fun. Plus, don’t be a dick.

9 hours ago: “RIP Poly Styrene. I remember the impact of hearing “Oh Bondage Up Yours” blare out of the radio for the first time. http://bit.ly/f3rmxL”


8 hours ago: “Royal wedding band practicing royally kickass cover of Buster Poindexter’s “Hot Hot Hot.””

I can’t take it. Please be done with this soon. Thank God there are only so many Royal relatives.

8 hours ago: “@JimGaffigan I can understand the concern, asking to go to Katz’s is kinda touristy.”

Look at this, James tweets with all the hipster comics.

5 hours ago: “A Minnesota sales mgr has won the role of the Aflac duck. Mitigating factor: I’m the new head of human resources at an Ohio accounting firm.”

Uh, no. Does that mean no more comic cons for you?

Okay, let’s rate James’ tweets. Style, I give him a 7, Insanity, also 7, but Mustness 10, absolute 10. He’s pretty relentless on this thing. That’s an overall average of 8. You gotta follow James, especially with the new season of Venture Brothers coming. When’s that due? I’m going to guess…September? Keep posted on Jackson Publick’s blog. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.