Name: Dean Calfinch, Dean Loafpinch, The Dean, The Mean Dean

Rank: Dean, Ryesmore University

Superpowers: Self-Righteous Indignation, Disgust, Outrage

Rumor has it that Dean Calfinch rushed Lambda Sigma Rho back in the day and never got in.  Thus, his hatred for that fraternity knows no bounds.  He’s been at war with the bros long before they got their superpowers.  The Dean has tried several times to get Lambda Sigma Rho kicked off campus, but they always seem to find a way to come back.  Dean Calfinch has aligned himself with General Disdain, the Gammas and various members of the faculty.  But he vows someday to get those guys and shut down their “vulgar” webcomic.

First Appearance: Something From Heaven