Hey, bros.

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  It’s my birthday today, so there was only one person I could think to pick for Twitter in Focus, one of my heroes, King of All Media, Howard Stern!  It’s always exciting to watch Howard because at the heart of his comedy is truth.  Let’s see how much truth his tweets hold.

March 2nd:  “Going to shoot my high end gay coffee table book in three weeks classy RT @natebean_bish: WINNING!!! When is the gay photo shoot?””

Nice.  You could probably make a coffee table out of one of Baba-booey’s teeth.  Gary is a good guy.  He let me interview him for my old TV show and he agreed to be in a sketch.  Good sport.

March 2nd:  “Remind me to play the new underwear party song tomorrow Rt @GovernaleSal Thank you boss. Let’s have an underwear party and celebrate.””

Dammit, I gotta get Sirius.

March 2nd:  “Greg fitzsimmons RT @captkotter: make sure you film & market the “making of the gay coffee table book” who is doing the forward?””

Nice.  For those of you that don’t know Greg, here’s his wikipedia entry.

March 2nd: “Yes andy…my new book “Welcome to the Sausage Fest” needs Dick RT @andydick can i be in the coffee table book?”

Yeah, that title is about 10% too gay.

March 2nd: “I asked him. He won’t do it. too full of himself. RT @SonicWagon thought you were going to have @HowardStern do the forward?”

You can’t do the forward to your own book. That’s like, announcing yourself at a party or going to a massage parlor just to masturbate.

March 2nd: “Were we watching the same show? I think at least five contestants needed a reality check.. @Sampq1974and this without Simon’s input.”

I don’t know how you can stomach that show. After I heard Paula started to get loaded, I almost turned it on and then they get rid of her! Network execs know nothing.

March 2nd: “love norm. wish he’d do fake news on H100 Rt @normmacdonald Havent heard anything from #CharlieSheen lately. I hope hes still not all right.”

Yeah, he was always good with the news on SNL. That would be pretty cool. Other than Family Guy, don’t see him a lot. Guess he’s touring. I’m just waiting for Charlie Sheen to light himself on fire and jump off a cliff during a live Internet feed. Knowing him, he’ll probably survive.

March 5th: “I know ..I know…haven’t been tweeting. Finally getting rid of this nasty cold. Should be back at it tomorrow.”

The East Coast weather was brutal this year. Up and down with the temps. Everyone got sick.

March 6: “Tomorrow H100, 6am -14 things Charlie Sheen could have done to make his show a smash hit. I wanted him to do it with us .”

Pretty much fire the rest of the cast and talk to the camera for 22 minutes would be my first choice.

March 6: “Make that 15-just came up with a good one.”

Dammit. Gotta get Sirius. Stupid XM doesn’t have Howard.

March 6: “Beth says he is a beauty and good luck with him RT @Garyb1980: I just rescued an English Bulldog from going to a high kill shelter!”

Bulldogs are one of the best breeds. So much character in those faces.

2 hours ago: “No I haven’t but I’m a huge fan. RTv@276813Have you ever interviewed Neil Young?”

Wow, all that time and never him? Surprised. Seems like you two would get along.

2 hours ago: “tweeting from my mac right now great machine. still getting familiar with it. I’m set in my ways RT@CBC_Appsongrats on switch to Apple/Mac.”

Yeah, everyone’s going Mac. That’s gonna be a horrible change over for me. So many PC files.

2 hours ago: “strange..bought the new laptop 15 inch screen and now there is no way to stick a verizon card for travel. how so? RT @bobaganoooosh”

Everything from Apple is ala cart. Probably a completely separate piece you need to buy.

Okay, let’s rate Howard’s tweets. He’s pretty laid back in his tweets, but c’mon, this isn’t his radio show. This is the free stuff. I’d give him a 7 for Insanity, he keeps it pretty low key. A 10 for Style and a 10 for Mustness. This is a great addendum to the Show. That’s an overall score of 9. C’mon, you have to follow the King. Did you expect me to say anything else? And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.