Name: David Matsuo, Brother Dave, Sloppy Dave

Rank: Brother,  Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Shapechanging, PTSD

Dave joined the National Guard and left Ryesmore after the meteor hit the frat house.  His intent was to come back to college after a tour, but got stop-lossed a bunch of times.  The stress of combat began to unravel Dave, who wasn’t very stable to begin with and the use of his shape-changing ability became more and more warped.

Fortunately, the bros rescued Dave and MPH’s cousin Phil after they were pinned down by the Taliban in Afghanistan, but not before Dave got one of his legs blown off.  This will most likely lead to Dave’s discharge from the guard and his return to campus.

GPA: n/a

Major: Design

First Appearance: Enter Sloppy Dave