Name: Anthony DeLavio, 22 Tony, Multi-Tony, Tony the Crew, Tony Stripe, Horatio Rodrigez, Theodore Merriweather III, amongst others

Rank: Brother,  Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Self Duplication, Being Italian

22 Tony usually has so many side businesses going on at one, he sometimes forgets that he’s a college student.  In charge of acquiring fake I.D.’s, his one-man Mafia crew would be something to contend with if they weren’t always arguing over who was in charge.

Tony helped the pledges get fake I.D.’s, but his duplicates screwed it up.  Although he seems all out for himself, when push comes to shove, Tony is extremely loyal to the frat.  When they get into trouble, he’s handy to have around.  Unfortunately, he is one of the reasons that the campus police keeps close tabs on Lambda Sigma Rho.

GPA: 2.0

Major: Business

First Appearance: Super Frat: Rush Week

22 Tony’s Fratster Profile