Name: Norman Williamson III, Pledge Norm, Norm

Rank: Pledge,  Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: None

The son of a wealthy weapons manufacturer, Norm’s social conscience and honesty drove him to go to Ryesmore on a scholarship.  He is a recovering alcoholic, does not drink and the brothers respect him for that.  Norm is the common sense of the frat and often tries to steer them away from the more extreme things they want to do with their superpowers.  He often fails at this task.  The brothers, to their credit, treat Norm as an equal, even when battling superpowered villains.

Norm attempted to destroy an indestructible turd Ira found in the frat house toilet with his fellow pledge, Jack.  He also ended up in Ancient Egypt, where Brother MPH forced him and Jack to help build the pyramids as part of their frat initiation.

GPA: 1.2

Major: Sociology

First Appearance: The Unflushable Mr. Turd

Norm’s Fratster Profile