Name: Charles “Rubber” Rubenski

Rank: Rush Chairman, Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Stretching, Getting Laid

Rubber is kind of like Charlie Sheen only he gets laid more.  Hailing from Intercourse, PA, Charles was instantly disliked by his fellow classman, mostly because they were always catching him with their girlfriends.  Rubber is just one of those guys that has “it”.  He’s usually getting laid so much, he’s the only frat brother with an excellent excuse for missing class.

His major is History, mainly because he was dating his history professor for a while and that’s where most of his earned credits led him.  While Buzz struggles with getting an entry to high society, Rubber naturally walked right in.  If he can manage not to get beaten to a pulp before graduation, he might one day curate a very sexy museum.

To date, Rubber’s only failed conquest was when he attempted to take Franken’Gine on a date.  Fortunately, he managed to get her out of the frat house.  Rubber also hosts Masterpiece-of-ass Theater.

GPA: 2.3

Major: History

First Appearance: No Turd Unturned

Rubber’s Fratster Profile