Name: Peter Fu, Mistah Shit

Rank: Vice President, Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Talking to Animals and Plants, Getting High, Getting Animals and Plants High, Locating Beanbag Chairs

Peter is known as Mistah Shit because he always has the best shit.  He was just another Asian nerd at college until he discovered Reggae, weed and Rastafarians.  He has been talking in a Jamaican accent so long, it almost sounds natural coming out of him.

Mistah Shit was elected Vice President while he was passed out during a Lambda Sigma Rho meeting.  He and Señor Cactus sometimes answer our advice column, although Peter is usually too high to remember to do it.  Mistah Shit is usually not much help on Super Frat’s adventures, as he is usually too high to do anything but laugh maniacally.  Peter still has enough computer skills to hack into Ryesmore University’s computer to change his grade.

GPA: 4.0

Major: Computer Science, Minor in Botany

First Appearance: No Turd Unturned

Mistah Shit’s Fraster Profile