Name: Ira Flenstein, The Invisible Fucker

Rank: Treasurer, Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Invisibility, Self-Righteous Indignation

Although Ira is a psychology major, he is extremely active in politics.  He’d be the president of the Anarchy Club, but he refuses the title, the idea of a club or meetings.  Ira used to consider himself an Anarachist, but now considers anyone with that title a “sell-out”.  Ira was passed out drunk when the frat made him treasurer and he considers himself the “Anti-Treasurer”, which is probably why the frat is always broke.

Despite his ornery nature, Ira is often the defacto leader of the frat, his social conscience driving the bros to do the right thing.  Ira’s solutions are often extreme and have been recently tempered by new pledge, Norm.  Ira has the distinction of being one of the few Lambda’s to actually earn an acceptable grade.  It would probably be higher, but every professor hates him because he’s constantly arguing against their conventional viewpoints.

Ira is from Long Island and Jewish, but is only practicing when his parents guilt him into doing something over the holidays.  He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Andrea, who shares similar, but slightly more moderate, political views.  Andrea is “officially” dating Jeb from Gamma House, but frequently cheats with Ira, who she can’t resist.  Ira often has sex while using his superpower, thus his nickname.

Ira led the charge against Army recruiters on the Ryesmore University Campus and helped save MPH’s cousin Phil and Sloppy Dave when they were trapped in Afghanistan.

GPA: 3.1

Major: Pschology

First Appearance: No Turd Unturned

Ira’s Fratster Profile