Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is guitarist, Dave Navarro.  I’ve always been a big fan and not just because he married Carmen Electra.  He’s an interesting artist, let’s see if his tweets are just as interesting.

January 31st: “I’ve never stalked ANYONE who didn’t ignore me”

Of course.  If they pay attention to you it makes the stalking WAY awkward.

January 31st:  “Whats the weather like there? RT @frazerrice: @stevemadrid – might be interesting if they base the Warriors in Detroit; NY is too safe now”

Dave does a lot of interaction with his fans.  Lots to tweets.  Hard to keep up.

23 hours ago:  “I’ll take “Biggest Twitter Flirts” for 800, Alex RT @Immafun1: A question regarding @davenavarro6767 was just on Jeopardy! lol”

Damn Dave, don’t you get laid enough?

22 hours ago:  “Had to restart my Blackberry. What to do for the next 5 hours?”

Sounds like you’re going to be tweeting.

22 hours ago:  “In the history of things that turn on, nothing has taken longer to turn on than a Blackberry.”

They are too tiny for my ham-sized fingers.  I imagine for an expert guitarist like yourself,  it is no problem.

22 hours ago:  “Yur lucky you dont live “In The D” RT @OMGitsJessieLee: Its cold as hell tonight, but it’s still warmer than most cities. :)”

New Jersey is about to be coated in 1″ of ice.  Does that count?

21 hours ago:  “Awww thank you @Kayden_Kross ! http://plixi.com/p/73936516

Oh, man, that’s a lot of popping.  Not the same on the app.

19 hours ago:  “If one more person tells me to read The Secret, they are getting blocked!”

The Secret?  What is this?  Oprah’s twitter?

16 hours ago;  “Multiple angle videos of a UFO over Jerusalem. http://bit.ly/exyqKH

Hey, Jesus has to travel in SOMETHING.

16 hours ago:  “Highly recommend The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest if you have seen Dragon Tattoo and Played With Fire #lisbethsalander

Now it is kinda like Oprah’s twitter.

15 hours ago:  “Yes! Best kind! RT @gothgirlproblem: is a gothic lolita even a goth? #gothgirlproblems

Dave, remember what happened to the Marquis De Sade.

13 hours ago:  “GHOSTUBE http://bit.ly/h8dV2u

When will ghosts invade the Internet?  That way, I won’t have to stand up to be scared.

13 hours ago:  “Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void on streaming instantly! I thought for sure I’d get to sleep tonight. Guess not.”

God damn, you tweet more than the guys that invented this.

7 hours ago:  “Now THOSE would look SO good on me! RT @xolorielxo: These are freaking amazing. http://twitpic.com/3vj3xr

They do look comfortable, I’ll give you that.

7 hours ago:  “Fender Twin for clean/Marshall JCM 900RT @JohnnyB612: @davenavarro6767 I love your clean guitar sound…. What amp/s do you use live???”

Nice!  (I have no idea what that means.)

6 hours ago:  “People talk SO much shit! So unfair! I only deserve like 60%-75% of it. Maybe 80%, tops!”

It’s the haters, Dave.  They love Twitter.

6 hours ago:  “Awww thanks Mommy! :) RT @riss13: @davenavarro6767 ACTUALLY….I don’t think you deserve any of it”

Yes, millionaire Goth man needs your sympathy.

6 hours ago:  “I have a small fraction of followers who for some reason think I am unaware that my Tweets are public.”

Some people do make these tweets that sound like they are chatting with a specific person and don’t know they are public.  I like the tweets that abruptly end and then continue in the next one.

6 hours ago:  “Um… Thank you? I think? HAHA RT @marcus_baby: @davenavarro6767 Love U: http://bit.ly/4F4oMs your custom doll! =)”

Dear Lord!  Dave, you’re a pagan, you know what this means.  You won’t be free of the doll’s curse until you touch it!

5 hours ago:  “… And look what arrived today! All my problems have been solved! http://plixi.com/p/74075939

If you see the bird that lives there, tell me to fucking stop taking my chocolate cereal.  Crazy fucker.

4 hours ago:  “My chiropractor’s office is so Goth! http://plixi.com/p/74091981

You laugh, but that’s Jimi Hendrix’s skeleton.

Okay, let’s rate Dave’s tweets.  Wow, there were a lot.  If I had gone back a week, forget it!  Style is a 8, Insanity is a 9 and Mustness is an easy 10.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Dave is one to follow, if you have about 5 hours a day to read his tweets.

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