Hey Bros!

Welcome to another edition of Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  This week’s contestant is Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily Show.  She’s got an amazing track record of funny, let’s see if her tweets match up.

13 hours ago:  “I have lost 40 followers in the past 2 days. Between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Breakfast with Assange, I am an alienation machine!”

Yeah, I tend to piss off people too.  Maybe I shouldn’t slap ’em around so much.  Who am I kidding?  I love slapping people!

13 hours ago:  “Wish many of those dogs #Vick destroyed could have gotten a second chance.”

I know!  Most of his fight never lasted past the first round.  A total rip off.

11 hours ago:  “Because of evolution, my dogs can’t tweet abt animal abuse. I resent tht cause I do, ppl infer Im ignoring human abuse or care less abt it.”

If my dog would tweet, it would probably just keep posting links to various meats she wants to eat.  Very non-subtle tweets.  I would probably have to de-list her and then that would make letting her out each time extremely awkward.

7 hours ago:  “Going to a tech runthru at Parkway Theater in #MPLS for my New Years Eve Shows! Hope I see ya there! #MN http://bit.ly/cO25sW

Man, that sounds like an awesome show.  Wish I could go, but I’m in NJ where it just feels like Minneapolis right now.

6 hours ago:  “There is all kinds of guilt attached to being pissed at an elderly asshole.”

Unless it’s Madonna.  Total exception.

6 hours ago:  “I just put my over thinking cap on.”

Wha–?  Okay, here’s some of your stand up.

41 minutes ago: “Pajama Jeans? Why not just dye your legs navy and never shower again.”

Waaaaay ahead you.

39 minutes ago: “I feel like now they just invent products whose sole purpose is to become an SNL sketch”

That’s who’s responsible? Dammit, we need to do what we can to stop the next Chris Kattan.

34 minutes ago: “Vagbreez: The alternative to hygene. #WeHaveStoppedTrying”

I think there’s a song parody in that somewhere.

27 minutes ago: “Human Gravy Wipes. The all purpose human fluid sopper upper. #WeHaveStoppedTrying”

You mean these? Yeah. Definitely.

All right, let’s rate Lizz’s tweets. On Insanity, well, she’s very sane, so that’ hurts her score a bit. Then again, she has the kind of “fighting City Hall” ‘tude I admire, so 6. For Style, she’s pretty Stylish, that’s an 8. And Mustness, wow, definitely a 10. She’s relentless. That’s an overall score of 8. Definitely one to follow, especially if you’re a Daily Show fan. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.