Hey bros and Sunny fans, welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Our contestant this week is Glenn Howertown, otherwise known as Dennis from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He’s a hilarious sociopath on the show, let’s see if his tweets are just as funny.

November 16th: “Amazing how defensive people get about environmental issues. We r destroying the environment for ourselves & our children. This upsets me.”

Okay, what’s the angle? Oooooh. Hippie chicks. Right. They love that environment crap.

November 16th: “Peep it: RT @Tappedthemovie: I’m pleased to announce Tapped is now available FOR FREE on Hulu: http://bit.ly/9S5CoB”

Good idea! A link like this in an email can really sell it. Nice.

November 17th: “Can someone send a link? RT @Lycus_2: @Glenn_Howerton Oh hey, this new FOX show “Raising Hope” gave you guys a shout-out tonight.”

Really? That’s cool. That show is okay. Watching it right now.

November 17th: “Thanks. Interesting.. RT @JuanPOfficial: @Glenn_Howerton http://bit.ly/c5idoA”

I smell sitcom crossover!

November 18th: “Tonight on Always Sunny.. “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats”… I feel like that speaks for itself. #sunnyfx”

Oh, yeah. Awesome episode. I gave it a Mac: http://www.philly2philly.com/entertainment/entertainment_articles/2010/11/19/25669/its_always_sunny_philadelphia_recap_season_6_e

November 20th: “Just landed in Cali. Venice Beach, did u miss me, baby? Kanpai Sushi, here we come!!”

Ooo, that looks like a good place. http://www.kanpaisushi.net/

November 23rd: “I want everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving. That’s what I want, so start planning that now, b/c Thanksgiving is on Thursday. GO!!”

Hey, don’t rush me. These deep fryers can explode if you drop the turkey in too soon.

November 23rd: “Aww baby dick..RT @FloydMayweather: Money Mayweather buys his Fiancée @THEMSJACKSON New Rolls Royce Ghost.. http://plixi.com/p/58739350”

If he’s following the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, he’d have to take this way at some point.

November 26th: “I’ll be there! RT @IpecacRec: Hey turkeys! There r tix left for Dec.1 Faith No More show in Hollywood. Not sure FNM will EVER play US again”

That sucks. Are they being deported or are they refusing the TSA ball grab?

November 26th: “Correct RT @Shurooq_Abdulla: @Glenn_Howerton my brother & I are discussing what dennis scenes are the best. Then we realized every scene is!”

Well, admittedly, when Dee is in a Dennis scene, it tends to drag it down, but that’s not Dennis’ fault, it’s Dee’s.

November 26th: “I’d like to thank People magazine for voting Dennis Reynolds 2010 sexiest man alive. Feels good.”

Congrats! That’s— Wait a minute! http://www.kxan.com/dpps/entertainment/photo_galleries/gallery-ryan-reynolds-sexiest-man-2010-tvw_3650692

November 26th: “Damn right RT @mls60442: @Glenn_Howerton In honor of this, a town in Pennsylvania renamed itself Reynoldsville! http://twitpic.com/3ainpq”

None of the women in the town will get in a boat for some reason.

November 26th: “What?! What does that guy have to do with sex? RT @NCAlexander: @Glenn_Howerton Ohhh thank god, I thought it was Ryan Reynolds…LMAO!”

He’s Green Lantern. He can make his dick gigantic with that ring.

November 29th: “RIP Leslie Nielson. Amazing comedic actor. Had a HUGE influence on me growing up.”

Surely you can’t be serious.

December 1st: “Sick as a dog with stomach flu. Shooting promo tomorrow for the Comedy Central run starting in January. Hope I can get my shit together.”

Bro, do not eat those nuts Charlie keeps finding.

December 2nd: “New #sunnyfx tonight. Sorry for the late notice East coast. Tonight’s ep. has an interesting line up: Utley, Howard, Sizemore.”

Best. Episode. Ever. A Dennis, plus. http://www.philly2philly.com/entertainment/entertainment_articles/2010/12/5/25772/its_always_sunny_philadelphia_recap_season_6_ep

December 4th: “Classy dressing rooms, Showtime. Truly RT @SHOsports: Lovely ladies! The Rockstar girls getting ready… http://twitpic.com/3d04cs”

Holy crap, dude. Niiiiiice!

December 5th: “Completely. RT @robhuebel: That song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ sounds a little date-rapey.”

Well, that’s why you tell the chick it’s cold because her best option is to stay inside. You know, because of the implication.

8 hours: “Thursday night on #sunnyfx we reveal who the father of Dee’s child is.”

All right, my guess, it has to be Crickety Cricket. It’s a perfect way to work him back into the show.

Let’s rate Glenn’s twitter. For Insanity, I give him a 7, Style has to be a 9 and finally Mustness, he’s very up to date, so 10. That’s an overall score of 8.6. Gotta follow Dennis and don’t be a dick, watch Sunny.