Hey bros! I have no idea who or why I wrote this sample, but it was fun at the time. Cut, paste and print to enjoy your mad lib!

Nature Hike
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2007

It was a (___________adjective) summer day when we went hiking on the (________noun). The sun was shining, the (____________animal)s were chirping and our backpacks were full of (________________edible noun). Along the (_______________adjective) trail we (_______________________verb, past tense) a park ranger. Hi name was Ranger (_______________name) and he warned us about the dangers of starting a forest (___________noun).
“Always (________________verb) Mother Nature,” said the ranger. “I always carry plenty of (_______________color) (_______________object) when I go (____________verb)ing on the trail.”
The ranger pointed out the (_______________adjective) (_____________noun)s along the side of the (______________place) near the lake. We took pictures of ourselves (__________verb)ing along the trail and later (verb)ed in the lake. It was a (___________adjective) day for all.

This one is new. I figure it would be funny to write a college one.

Mad Frat Lib: The Keg Party
written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2010

It was Friday night at the frat (___________noun) and the kegger was in full swing. The bros had gotten (__________number) kegs and they were stacked on the (_____________noun) ready to be (________________verb).
I drank so much (______________liquid) I was wasted. I ended up hooking up with this chick from (___________place). She had an awesome set of (____________body part)s.
We staggered back to my bro’s room, Brother (___________ __________animal and body part).
As soon as we hit the bed, we started (______________verb) each others (____________body part). She ended up passing out, right in the middle of (__________verb)ing. I wanted it so bad, I had (________color) (________body part).