Hey bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is the king of the Internets, Daniel Tosh, host of the always awesome Tosh.0. Tosh.0 is the only show on TV that takes Internet video and actually does something other than just show them. And that Daniel is actually funny doesn’t hurt either. Let’s see if the tweets match the Twitter.

July 14th, 11:01pm: “thanks for watching, i’ll put an updated list of celebrities i can and can’t beat up on our blog http://www.comedycentral.com/tosh.0/”

No, thank you Daniel Tosh Twitter assistant, thank you.

July 18th, 12:09am: “i’m watching hannah montana the movie, not bad. a little confusing but not bad.”

As long as you don’t find it “erotic” you’re still okay, Daniel.

July 20th, 2:56pm: “no new show airing this week.. shooting more web redemptions and going to vegas to quadruple my lifes savings.”

Nice! I didn’t know buying hookers could do that!

July 26th, 6:05pm: “i lost it all playing blackjack but to be fair i was splitting face cards to be funny. no one at my table was laughing “kinda like ur show””

Don’t sell yourself short, DT. You’re still better at gambling than Mel Gibson is at couples counseling.

July 26th, 6:12pm; “yes new show this wed @10:30 and if you watch you will never again say a bad word about me, because this episode is perfect.”

Much like Amy Winehouse, this is harder to look at than I thought.

July 28th, 10:51am: “in 10 min you can hear my sweet voice on kevin & bean.”

When did Mr. Bean get his own radio show?

July 28th, 3:23pm: “listen up. new show tonight at 10:30, and from this episode forward i will follow whoever sends the best tweet during the show.”

Nice use of Twitter. Why can’t the reruns of Murder She Wrote do the same?

July 28th, 10:22pm: “let’s go!!! im so crazy horny for my show to start.”

Settle down. Comedy Central has only showed me the promo for David Hasselhoff’s Roast 9000 times. You’re interrupting.

July 28th, 11:25pm: “thanks for watching. i’m gonna need the night to review everyone’s tweets, and i’ll pick a winner tomorrow. see you next week”

Again, nice. I never get a thank you from any of the characters on True Blood.

July 28th, 11:58pm: “yes i will read all the west coast tweets as well… goodluck.”

Oh, great. No sense entering now. That’s where Jay Mohr lives.

July 29th, 2:48pm: “this weeks winner!! please follow RT @SpencerFTW I’m done tweeting you. Turns out there are naked ladies on this machine.”

And Jay Mohr keeps changing his twitter account. I have like no chance.

July 29th, 2:50pm: “runner up RT @ArsenioOFFICIAL You’re always funny. Keep doing it PS I hope #23 is better for yall then he was for us. The A-Man from C-land”

Okay, “C-land”. Um, “Catland”? “Couchland”? “Can’tmakeajokeLand”?

July 29th, 3:05pm: “@SpencerFTW this is no way for someone i am following to conduct themselves.”

Okay, that was really funny, so it can’t be Jay Mohr.

July 29th, 6:45pm: “only eat half (@meganabrigo)http://yfrog.com/5npagcj”

As skinny as you are, I’m surprised you have the strength to open that plastic container.

August 1, 12:01am: “watching ragging bull. it’s ok”

Is that the female version of “Raging Bull”?

August 1, 12:05am: “no boxing in this one at all. but i must say she looks like she can take a punch”

You really shouldn’t watch donkey punch videos, DT, they’re just wrong.

August 1, 12:08am: “why are you on twitter on sat night? it’s sad how boring your life has become.”

It’s the only thing on the Internet I haven’t masturbated to.

August 1st, 9:26pm: “so many questions… where did shutter island end and inception begin?”

Well observed! Although I think this video pretty much sums up the latter.

Okay, let’s rate Daniel’s tweets. I give him a 7 for Insanity, because you have to be a little nuts to host that show. Definitely a 9 for Style and a 10 for Mustness. You gotta be on Twitter during Tosh.0. That’s an overall score of, well, let’s round it up to 9. Nice job, DT. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.