Hey Bros:

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is one of my favorite director’s, David Lynch. Are his tweets as strange as his movies? Let’s find out.

April 30th, 12:45pm: “The world is filled with diversity and there really is beauty in all of it.”

Beauty? Is this the same guy that made Eraserhead? You’ve mellowed, man!

May 3rd, 2:29pm: “I hope you all had a good weekend. What did you do? I worked in the shop building a small table with drawers.”

Was it a table that whispered evil secrets and bled from the drawers? Probably not. That’s Ikea for ya.

May 5th, 12:07pm: “Thank you to everyone who voted for Interview Project. You really put it over the top & it won TWO Webby Awards! All the best to you all.”

Nice. Congrats David.

May 6th, 1:48pm: “I’m reading your replies about your weekend projects. Sounds like you’re all very busy.”

Yeah. I don’t know if I’d call “drinkin’ beer” a project, but it was busy.

May 6th, 1:48pm: “This weekend, I’ll be back on the small table w/drawers & hope to get the building of it finished. Then it has to be stained and varnished.”

My God, he’s turned into Agent Cooper.

May 6th, 1:50pm: “I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’re all going to do this wkd. And thanks again for voting for Interview Project for the Webbys.”

I’m going to Heroes Con.

May 10th, 12:33pm: “RT @UncleRUSH: Please help support Maharishi School by voting for our sustainable development! http://pep.si/GrowingUpGreen”

Hmm. How ’bout I just stop drinking Pepsi instead?

May 12th, 3:03pm: “Here is a photo of the keepsake box I made for a friend. http://twitpic.com/1n84y9”

Well, that box is mildly creepy. It would be creepier if you gave it to William DaFoe. He makes everything creepier.

May 13th, 12:14pm: “Here’s a photo of the virtual fireplace lamp I made. http://twitpic.com/1ng6wn”

Okay. You’ve convinced me. Fuck Hollywood. You should be making end tables.

May 14th, 2:05pm: “Thank you for the kind words on the box and lamp. I hope you all have a great weekend w/your projects.”

I guess that’s all life is about, eh? Everyone’s got a project.

May 17th, 1:56pm: “Happy birthday to Dennis Hopper: http://bit.ly/4Gaw6X”

Yeah. Bummer about him. He had just a few short days after this.

May 18th, 12:30pm: “From @UncleRUSH, a strong supporter of the David Lynch Foundation school programs, This Is What’s Hot In The Hood http://bit.ly/91z8aa”


May 24th, 9:13pm: “I built 3 small boxes to place behind 3 holes. I used epoxy & FixAll & built 3 small hands. It was a glorious weekend. What did you all do?”

A shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

May 25th, 12:54pm: “Producer Mary Sweeney who also was one of 2 writers on The Straight Story has finished her 1st film. Check out her site at baraboofilm.com”

Seems nice. But probably could use a midget that talks backwards and a guy that does ether.

May 28th, 2:35pm: “This weekend I hope to install three red-gloved hands.”

Won’t that make one of your arms lop sided?

May 28th, 2:39pm: “Yesterday I had fun working with @MindyR, @VinceBrisebois and many others.”

Stopped by David’s site. The Interview Project is kind of interesting. Very internet, but kind of in an old school way.

Well, David’s not what I expected on Twitter. I guess my weird bar was set far too high for this. Still, he is a great talent, whether he be a filmmaker or cabinet maker. Let’s rate his tweets. For Insanity, I have to give him a 5, he’s just so normal! For Mustness, a 7, because afterall, he updates the weather and sometimes you need to know that. Finally for Style, I have to give him a 10, because he’s got an oddball style that no one can duplicate. That’s an overall score of about 7.3. Worth following. David’s one of those guys that will suddenly reemerge with five new movies. Although I think they will probably be about furniture.

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