Hey Bros!

My trip to Los Angeles and Phoenix was a blast. Many thanks to Brother Hollywood for setting it up and driving me around all this week. The Super Secret Super Frat project is back online, I’m happy to announce. Still can’t share any details yet, but we had a good meeting and things are looking more positive than they’ve ever been.

We did a signing at the Comic Bug and the Phoenix Comicon. For the full post on all those events, click here for my blog post at the Webcomic Factory. For now, let’s welcome the new bros from the Phoenix Comicon!

Brother Venus

Brother Spaminator

Brother Triangle, Square, X, O

Brothers Beer Fu and King

Brothers Crystal and Bro (They’re last name is really “Bro”! It’s Danish.)

Thanks to all the new bros and everyone that supported us at the Phoenix Comicon. We love you guys, seriously. You gave us free food all weekend and with all the munchies that Mistah Shit had, that saved us a ton of loot. A special shout out to the crazy female fan that grabbed my ass. Sorry about farting in your hand, but you knew the risks. Twitter in Focus will be back on Friday with David Lynch, so don’t miss that. And don’t forget to check out the rest of what went down at the Webcomic Factory, as the post continues…

(Adam, Tone, Ben, Ben’s girlfriend, Christian, Tony, Chris and Lauren at Chili’s after the Comic Bug.)