Hey, bros!

Yours truly and Brother Hollywood hit Seattle last weekend and it was a blast.  Only now, we’ve recovered enough to post pics.  Although I did not get a chance to induct as many pledges as I would’ve liked (too many sales!  Thanks!)  I did get some other pics.  Enjoy!


Seattle bros: Brother Clown and Brother Half Head


The convention center, I think it was owned by Starbucks.  I think Starbucks pretty much owns most of Seattle.  There was one, like, every ten feet!


Topatoco had a cardboard castle.  Cool.


I dropped my breakfast sandwich on the hotel floor.  Not cool.


For some reason, the hotel had recycle bins.  Which was a good thing after an all night session of filming Drunk Counter Drunk!


Brother Hollywood recovers after a long day of filming Drunk Counter Drunk.


Artist Chris Moreno, lounging in the lobby after a long convention.