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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors are so cool and righteous that they should be deemed “Full of Awesome”.

Hey bros.  I love to acknowledge those that are Full of Awesome.  Some day I might need them to save my life or my sandwich, either one is very important to me.  Here now are this week’s heroes.

– First, let’s give credit to the Obama Administration for doing something right.  This week they granted illegal Haitians an 18 month reprieve so they don’t have to go back for a while.  Welcome to America!  Please don’t point out the irony when our country falls apart.

–  Next up, Mistah Shit would like everyone to give a huge awesome wave to the Iowa Pharmacy Board that opened the door to medical marijuana.  Nice job Iowans!  Who knew the middle of the country could be so awesomely progressive?

– And how about the 79 year-old Naperville man that survived four days stranded on an island?  His own wife thought he might’ve been dead of a heart attack.  I mean, it’s manly enough to sail a boat at that age, but to go all LOST by yourself?  Nice, old bro!

–  A big glass of awesome to a lawyer from San Antonio that returned a stolen antique telescope that his client stole.  See?  Lawyers do nice things too.  The astronomer was grateful to have his $25,000 telescope back.

–  Finally, stop yelling at teenagers, they’re not all bad.  One saved a family from an oncoming train when their car got stuck on the tracks.  Nice save bro!  We’d save you a spot at Ryesmore, but you’re already too smart to attend here.

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