Edge of Darkness is an above-average thriller based on a 1985 BBC TV series starring Mel Gibson and directed by Martin Campbell  (who directed Casino Royale).  I’ve read other reviews of this movie and all their complaints seem to be that the plot is too simple.  I thought it was perfectly serviceable for the movie.  It’s not really about the mystery, per se.

From the moment the movie opens, you realize that Mel is going to get revenge, so what’s the point of trying to make it such a surprise?  The only real surprise would’ve been that it was somehow Mel’s fault or that he doesn’t find the killer at the end.  I thought Gibson was pretty good in the movie.  It’s the lines they use in the trailer that make it sound kind of corny.  The whole father-daughter thing is very sad.

And Mel doesn’t just charge from one plot point to another.  Campbell makes the major events a surprise, yet they integrate well in the Boston setting.

It is a dark and kind of depressing movie, because what its really about is how people in power have all the control and the best the people on the bottom can hope for is to hurt some of the higher ups on their way out.  The bodies pile up in this movie, but not in the way you might think.

I give Edge of Darkness 8 out of 10 keggers.  Totally worth seeing, definitely a good rental.