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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors are so cool and righteous that they should be deemed “Full of Awesome”.

Hey bros.  It’s time to honor those who have made this world a better place.  Those who rock!   Those whose actions rock!   Join me in saluting these fine, awesome-filled individuals!

–  First up, Heinz ketchup, makers of my favorite food, have redesigned the ketchup pack.  Finally, now I have the option of dipping, instead of getting ketchup all over my hands.  That is definitely a packet of awesome!  Also, I can put it on my Camel burger if I ever make it to Dubai.

– Georgia, lots of people see you as a state full of rednecks, but not me!  I love Atlanta and I love the new law you passed banning microchips under people’s skin.  You’d have to be out of your freakin’ mind to have this done.  Thankfully, some sensible Southerners drew the line.  For that, we salute you awesome Southern bros!

– And then there’s crossing guard, James Smith, who pushed a child out of the way of a speeding car and was clipped himself.  Remember that kids when you make fun of their uniform!  Nice job, James!  Your do honor to your miniature hand-held stop sign.

– And how about a sad salute to the greatest attorney ever.  James Shore saved his client’s life during the Sweat Lodge debacle at the expense of his own.  This man was truly thinking of his client.  The world is poorer for losing your awesomeness, James.

– And finally, next time you see a homeless guy, be nice to him.  He may just pull your ass out of a fire!  A homeless dude, known only as “Dave” save a woman from a burning building.  He even refused to go to the hospital because he didn’t want to “bother the staff”.  Oprah?  Extreme Makeover guys?  Someone, give this dude some money or a house!  He would fill it with his awesomeness!

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