Hollywood seems suddenly fascinated with the end of the world, churning movies like The Road and Legion and, oh yeah, the Book of Eli.  Eli will probably leave you pretty annoyed in the third act.  The first two acts are an action movie, the last act is meant to be a big twist, but good luck with that.  I didn’t buy it.  If you were pissed off by the ending of the Sixth Sense (which I liked because at least that had a supernatural explanation) you’ll probably be screaming for you money back.  I can ruin this movie in two words.  Click here, if you don’t want to see the movie.

Ya see what I mean?  That’s not even the biggest problem with the movie.  The biggest problem is that the first two acts are clearly an action movie, but the last act is more of a spiritual movie.  Plus, the script wastes a ton of time on scenes that don’t really advance the idea of who Eli is and what motivates him.  The actions scenes are just a big distraction.

The rule of movies is this: if you have a first act with some action and then a second act with even more action, the third act should be an orgy of violence.  Doesn’t happen and you’re left with the sense that no one expected the audience to pay too close to the plot.  Gary Oldman is good, but he seems to be trying to do all the acting for everyone.  Denzel Washington kicks some ass, but ultimate his character falls pretty flat.  Mila Kunis is given little to do.  She supposed to be Eli’s protege’, but we never get the “training the Jedi” scene that would tied up at least some of the loose ends.

This is definitely a “wait for DVD” movie and I wouldn’t put it on the top of your cue.  No Mila Kunis nudity, I’m afraid, bros.  I give the Book of Eli 4 out of 10 keggers.