A decent movie from Michael Cera.  It could’ve easily fallen into a whole bunch of different cliches, but the movie deftly avoids most of them.  Cera plays Nick, an intelligent, nice guy that wants to woo Sheeni, played by Portia Doubleday.   Nick has a horrible life and when his family goes on a quick vacation, he runs into Sheeni and has a quick summer fling. (minor spoilers ahead)

But Nick can’t let the fling end, so the couple concocts a plan so they can be together.  They get Nick’s biological dad a gig near Sheeni’s trailer park and then Nick has to get himself in so much trouble, his mother will send him away.  Helping him along is Nick’s alter ego, a fictional, evil version of Nick called Francios Dillinger.

The movie falls just short of uproarious, but keeps the laughs coming.  I guess I identified with Nick and his quest, as most guys would.  Director Miguel Arteta jumps back in forth from reality to animation in a few parts, which seemed to integrate well.  The events were mostly “realistic” but extremely quirky and weird like the characters.

It’s a funny, romantic movie, even if the ending is a little too happy for the events that preceded it.  Zack Galifianakis has a funny role as Nick’s asshole, potential dad, as does Ray Liotta and Steve Buscemi.  You’re not going to walk out thinking it was the best movie you ever saw, but you’ll be entertained.  Even if the trailer kind of gave away one of the biggest sight gags in the movie.

Worth seeing.  If you miss it, don’t miss on DVD.  I give it 7 out of 10 keggers, bros.   No nudity, but some hot chicks and hijinks do ensue.