Bros, don’t freak out, but someone that worked on this movie may be working on the super secret Super Frat project I sometimes elude to.  You have to take my review with that in mind, but really, Up in the Air is an awesome movie.

George Clooney plays a guy who spends all his time perpetually traveling.  His job is to fire people so that corporate bosses don’t have to do it.  He’s got a lifestyle that has no connection to anything and a brewing book about his lifestyle.  But his philosophy is tested when he gets saddled with a new coworker and must show her the ropes.  Also, he starts a relationship with a traveling female saleswoman who is just like him.  In addition, he’s got to attend his sister’s wedding, which also puts his whole life philosophy to the test.

Any more than that, I can’t say without giving away the movie, but it’s really engaging.  Yeah, it sounds boring, but that’s just the description.  It’s hard to describe complex characters.  No, there’s no nudity or vampires or robots, but the characters feel very real.  Even Danny McBride’s turn as a reluctant groom feels very genuine.

It’s not laugh out loud funny, although it has many funny moments, it’s more of a thinking man’s drama.  The best part is, it doesn’t cop out with some pat, cliched ending.  It’s not a chick flick, but it’s definitely a good date movie.  (Your date will think you’re really smart for taking her to see this and if not, well, she can at least enjoy looking at Clooney.)

I give Up in the Air 9 out of 10 keggers.  There’s a reason it’s going to win some Oscars, bros.