Hey bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Dwight from the Office, AKA: Rainn Wilson.

This is waaaaay too cool for Dwight.

Rainn is also in movies like The Rocker and I thought he was especially funny in My Super Ex-GirlfriendHe’s got a website with his son and a Twitter account.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as funny.

November 6th, 1:55pm: “Had a lovely flight on a brand new Boeing 737 ‘Germ Tube’.

Yeah, if only you could roll down your window and get some fresh air on those things.  Or maybe airlines could start charging for bags of fresh air.

November 6th, 7:54pm: “tres amigos de la oficina http://post.ly/Bu6J

What?  No Pam bikini picks?  Don’t hold out on us Rainn.

November 6th, 7:55pm: “I’m now following @bahaidailyquote – Lovely little pearls o’ wisdom, not just for the Bai-haiz – Give it a whirl!

Very Zen-like.  Who knew Dwight was so mellow?

November 7th, 1:42pm:  “Who gave me that Huskie Snuggie at Kane Hall, cause I’m gonna snuggie in’t tonight!

Probably someone from Weezer.

November 7th, 12:22pm:  “Jim Vs Dwight – Head to Head Fantasy Football Action! http://post.ly/Byb7

Cool!  You’re both degenerate gamblers like the rest of us!  Can you trade me a QB?

November 7th, 7:01pm: “Seattle is a mossy place filled with polite drivers. Tonight Im replacing the Space Needle with a giant Dwight Bobblehead. Who’s w/me?!

That’s so cool that you’re into being Dwight.  So many actors seem to come to hate the iconic character that gave them fame.  It’s nice to see someone embrace it and have fun.

November 7th, 9:03pm: “For the COOLEST, MIND-BLOWING links on the web follow @jessebdylan – How he finds this stuff is beyond me. Talented, nice dude too.

Yeah, that’s a good one.  Might have to dissect it next week.

Next he quotes a bunch of things from this twitter:   threewordsaftersex

It’s just easier if you go there and see it for yourself.  Pretty funny.

November 8th, 7:54pm: “LT, Crabtree, Shockey and Steve Smith combine for 150 yds and no TDs. Krasinski will take the crown. Idiot.

Oh, no.  Do you think John will trade me a QB?

November 9th, 8:55am: “If I had one super power it would be the ability to prevent people from asking me what super power I’d most like to have.

Mine would be immortality, because then I could just wait people out.  Then they’d be all dead and I wouldn’t have to worry about the question.

November 9th, 10:42am:  “I’d really like to buy you guys something. What would you like?

Wow, it’s like getting a wish from a genie.  Only the genie’s on TV a lot.  Um, I’d like a rake.  A really, really, really nice rake.

November 9th, 11:11am: “Search @rainnwilson & you can find all the amazing responses to my question. However, I’m going to buy you all Modern Warfare 2. Out today.

Fuck the rake!  I want that!

November 9th, 11:12am: “AND world peace.

But we still get the video game, right?

November 9th, 12:53pm: “I love you.

Aw, jeez.  Now I feel weird about taking the video game from you.

November 9th, 1:54pm: “I’m not saying I’m ‘in’ love with you. I love you as people and friends. Let’s just slow down and see how it goes, you know? Organically.

Yeah, definitely.  This tweet was moving way too fast.

November 9th, 2:12pm: “attack of the one-armed yuppie babies! RT Maclaren Recalls 1 Million Strollers Due To Amputation Risk http://su.pr/2oHEup

Look, I need chainsaws on either side of the stroller so I can take the baby for walks in the woods.

November 9th, 5:45pm: “Great Project! RT @JasonSinger Please grant this boys dying wish. http://tinyurl.com/ydt26mb Please RT #noahschristmas

That is the saddest thing I have ever read.  Do not, repeat, do not click the link unless you want to be sad.

November 9th, 9:59pm: “Is Televangelism ‘Junk Food’ for the soul? http://tinyurl.com/yz6pnhq

I think it’s more like comfort food for the spiritually lazy.

16 hours ago:  “I psyched to be a judge for a cool new online film festival from Nikon. 140 Seconds long. Check out my short! http://www.nikonfestival.com/

That was pretty cool.

14 hours ago: “I wonder what William Joel is doing right now…?

Probably back at that piano bar telling everyone off.

12 hours ago: “I am going to shoot my first gun at a gun range with Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer in preperation for SUPER. I’m jizzing.

Wow, you really are like Dwight.

7 hours ago: “1 of top 25 events of my adult life. Shooting an assault rifle with @Michael_Rooker -I looked like a weird, rubbery bozo, but what a rush!

Five hours of shooting.  No wonder there’s a bullet shortage.

6 hours ago: “My son is attempting a poop in the dark bathroom while wearing my new “MW2” night vision goggles.

I would hope that most people could do that in the dark successfully, but hey, I’m sure that dude in Silence of the Lambs had to take a dump once in a while too.

Wow, awesome twitter.  Rainn is a lot of fun.  Steady tweets.  And cool stuff.  Let’s rate him.  I give Rainn an 8 for Style, a 10 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Definitely someone you should be following.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.