Michael Moore is back, this time with a documentary about the recent economic collapse.  It’s used as an indictment of the Capitalistic system.  It’s a pretty good documentary, but it’s very depressing.  Moore has often been criticized for being in his movies too much and his pattern has been to slowly make himself less and less noticeable on the screen.

As a fan, I gotta say, I really missed Michael in this one.  From a purely, selfish and enjoyment level, I wanted to see more impish stunts against these fat cats.  Still, it is a serious issue and a very big one, impacting millions and millions of people.  So I can understand why he wants to devote as much time on the subject as he does.

From a layman’s standpoint, the economic part can be enlightening up to a point.  It’s very true banks are screwing people and it’s all perfectly legal.  But yours truly is a little more than a layman, thanks to the teachings of one, Ron Paul.  Without getting into a very long explanation, Michael only scratches the surface of a problem that’s been brewing for almost 100 years.  While I agree something needs to be done, Michael doesn’t offer a concrete remedy or plan of action.  Then again, it would probably take you more than two hours to do that.

One revelation that really struck me is how airline pilots make around $20K a year.  Moore interviews one pilot that made $17K and went on food stamps while he was working for the airline.  That is just craziness.

Unlike Fahrenheit 9/11  where it was clear Bush had to go or Sicko where it’s clear that industrialized nations can give everyone healthcare, the solution to Capitalism eludes Moore.  But the point of this movies and most of his others is that you’d better get mad, make yourself aware and change things before they get worse.  Thanks, Michael.  I look forward to the next one.

I give Capitalism: A Love Story 8 out of 10 keggers, although my bias is pretty obvious, you should check this out, bros.  Especially if you’re wondering why your mortgage rate suddenly jumped 8%.