Hey bros:

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  This week we look at the tweets of Penn Jillette, the talky guy in Penn and Teller.  He’s got a lot to say (he talks for two), let’s see if he tweets as well as he does magic.

September 4th, 11:50am:  “YouTube is featuring me on their homepage with the Agnostic vs. Atheist PennSays – http://tinyurl.com/9j3pnh. Meanwhile Stooges continue!

Ah, but what if you say “no” because you believe God is just testing you?

September 5th, 12:38pm: “http://twitpic.com/gkx72 – We ended part one of our Three Stooges Marathon with a pie fight after 39 episodes. I got hit first. A tota

I think it would be funnier if you hit each other with hammers.  That was classic stooge.

September 6th, 10:13pm: “NYT Book Review’s review of Nicholson Baker’s new book mentions me! He’s my favorite author. Wow. I didn’t even mind the “slightly drunk.”

Who?  Barker or you?

September 8th, 2:44pm:  “We’re off from the Penn & Teller show, so I’m going over to the United Blood Services to do my platelet aphaeresis. It’s an excuse to read.

I have an irrational fear of giving blood, I don’t know why.  Maybe I’m just lazy, but then again, I do use an awful lot of my blood.

September 10th, 11:52am:  “I’m in Beverly Hills for some meetings and for the Emmys. I think I’ll walk down the street and think of Jed Clampett. It’s all I can think

Relax, Penn.  You don’t have to always be “on”.  It’s just Twitter.  The bar is much lower.

September 10th, 11:58am: “I did a vocal for Pakistani hip hop – “Spookshow” by 18 year old Pakistani rapper @Adil_Omar at http://bit.ly/13nbIN – Produced by DJ Solo.


September 11th, 3:10am:  “Spent the evening with Rick Ruben, digging music. Saw NIN at the Wiltern and it was nice to be backstage again. Then off to a small club.

Livin’ the life of a celebrity.  Nice.

September 12th, 2:54pm: “Last night – LA County Fair with my wife. Today is the Jr Emmys to do a bit with “Mad Man”, Rich Sommer, and for Bullshit to lose again.

What the Hell’s the “Jr Emmys”?  Emmys for kids?

September 13th, 2:44am: “We lost our 12th and 13th Emmy, so our record is perfect. The juggling bit I was going to do was cut, because someone went 20 min too long.

Eh, who cares?  Like your fans give a shit about Emmys.

September 13th, 2:51am: “Norman Borlaug is dead. The greatest human in history. He is credited with saving 1 BILLION lives and he’ll keep saving more and more.

*google-google-google*  Neat!

September 13th, 10:17pm: “Back from LA to Vegas to spend the afternoon with my children, now flying to Frisco to debut the P&T App at TechCrunch. It drops at 9AM.

Did you see Michael Moore’s movie yet?  You probably already know this, but the pilots make around $20K a year.  Just a thought while you do all that flying.

September 14th, 4:07pm:  “P&T Magic APP is at the iTunes store – http://tinyurl.com/q7psje It’s $2. So easy to do, it’ll fool the shit out of people & get you laid

Bros, your mission is clear.

September 15th, 4:52pm: “Hey NYT, the reason P&T said that about Norman Borlaug was that it is true. http://tinyurl.com/pok84u The best, and the greatest. R.I.P.

Yeah, but I’ll be he still couldn’t pick my card.

September 16th, 10:55pm: “We’ve been doing these Q&A things. We’re doing one in NYC: Conversations w/P&T:35yrs of Magic & BS, NYC Nov 12: –http://tinyurl.com/pj2esn

Does Teller talk in that?

September 17th, 7:41pm:  “Going to see Cheap Trick do Sgt Peppers tonight at the Hilton. Been listening to the new Beatles releases. They all did that on a 4 track!

I wonder if Paul McCartney is any good on Rock Band?

September 18th, 1:13pm: “Well, it’s not a secret anymore. We’re going to be TV cops in a new ABC series. Yup, we’ll fight crime in Vegas! http://tinyurl.com/md4dbg

Awesomeness.  At the end of every episode you can throw a sheet over the bad guy and make him appear in jail.

September 20th, 5:29pm: “OK, if you want to see the Stripper’s Guide to Penn & Teller’s iPhone App, here it is – http://tinyurl.com/n9gjry – with the offensive tit.

The real trick is to get sex in the Champagne Room.

September 22nd, 11:48am:  “Penn & Teller are on TOP CHEF kitchen tomorrow night/Bravo/10pm. We don’t know anything about cooking, but we know eating. Carny trash!

And here it is.

September 22nd, 8:33pm: “I’m getting make up right now to do Olbermann on MSNBC. I’m talking about Tom Delay on DWTS!

I don’t know why you guys keep talking about that.  Why do you give that guy any more attention?

September 22nd, 9:57pm: ““Countdown with Keith Olbermann” that was really with L.O’D, went okay talking about Tom Delay on DWTS. They’ll repeat it. I’m at the end.

That’s kind of cool your tweeting right from the studio.  Can you send a tweet next time you’re in the middle of a trick?  That would be cool.

September 23rd, 12:40pm: “Tonight P&T are on Top Chef, eating like pigs. I’m on DWTS talking about being proud of being a loser. Losing is C&W and Punk. American

How did I miss you on all those shows?  Christ, you should get an Emmy for best attendance or something.

September 23rd, 1:25pm:  ““Penn & Teller Get Killed” was released in theaters 20 years ago today. That’s more recently than when Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.

Yeah and I’m still playing the “Drive to Vegas” video game.  So hard to win it.

September 24th, 9:01pm: “Our Rio bosses, @riovegas, are digging my twitter. They set up a deal for y’all- Rooms from $40 and 2 for 1 tickets! http://bit.ly/198b49

Nice, but too far from me.  When do you guys come to AC?

September 24th, 11:06pm:  “I heard Access Hollywood gave our daughter, Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, “Most Creative Name” or something. At least they were kind.

Her middle name is “CrimeFighter”?  You’ve just crowned yourself king of the fanboys.

September 26th, 4:51pm: “http://bit.ly/zV1PU on this PennSays I’m doing a song. It’s, well, what do they say, NSFW? Yeah. If you wanna follow it’s @PennSays.

You are multi-multi-talented.

September 28th, 7:26pm: “P&T doing a little touring again. This time So Cali in early November. It’ll be some different stuff from Vegas: http://tinyurl.com/44xtfl

Just don’t sing.

September 30th, 3:22pm: “I just watched “Time Code” again for Bacon Movie Night. Man, it really is one of my favorite movies. It’s just full of music and ideas.

That’s weird.  I just watched “Time Cop” and it’s full of Ron Silver.

October 1st, 2:39pm: “I’m going to do a song with Martin Mull. I’ll play upright bass, he’ll play guitar. We’re doing “Flexible.” Really a dream come true.

Nice.  Where is Martin Mull?  Put him on your TV show, dammit.

October 2nd, 9:08pm: “I did a TV show with Martin Mull and Tommy Smothers. Tom attacked me for BEING ON Glenn Beck, even though every thing I said there was ok.

I can understand Tommy’s frustration.  By going on Glenn Beck you’re delivering him fans, at least for the night.  Why give that guy any attention?  Doesn’t it validate his wacky opinions on some level?

October 4th, 3:24am: “Tom Smothers said to me, “If Hitler had a show, you would be on it.” “Yes, and I’d try to tell the truth.” The medium is not the message.

That’s true, but shows live or die by ratings.  By going on Hitler’s show, you give him ratings.  You help broaden the show’s appeal.  Besides, don’t you think the producers will do everything in their power to make you look bad?

October 4th, 5:06pm: “Once in a while I like breezy, & if it’s skeptical breezy, making fun of Al Gore, I’m grooving – Keaton Simons – http://tinyurl.com/ydwzh2t


October 5th, 7:43pm: “I’m going on Larry King tonight at 9pm Eastern. I’ll be talking to @ariannahuff about Obama.

Hello, New Mexico!

October 5th, 10:10pm: “I just did Larry King Live. I think I was supposed to be the Right Wing nut — I came in on the Left of Stephanie Miller. No fucking war!

Amen, bro.  Christ, how do I keep missing you on every fucking TV show, Penn?  I gotta go to your website more.

Okay, let’s rate Penn.  For Style, I give him a solid 7, he definitely has his own.  For Insanity, 8, for that intenseness you only get when someone’s a little nuts.  (plus Penn double and triple tweet like nine times, but I cut it for this.  Stop hitting send, Penn.)  And finally, for Mustness, gotta give him a 9.  Penn’s got lots to say and plenty of good links.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Well worth the follow.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.