It’s always interesting to me that actors spend their entire careers trying to be famous, good looking and rich, but they love to play average schlubs whenever the chance arises.  The basic premise of this movie is the true story of an ADM executive that turned in his bosses for price fixing lysine, a by-product of corn.  Directed by Steven Soderberg, the trailer would leave you to believe that this is a hilarious movie about a hapless informant that just wants to do good.  Unfortunately, trailers are often very misleading.

While there are a few funny moments in The Informant! most of them are in the trailer and the trailer is cut in an extremely misleading way.  You know the shot of Scott Bakula, as the FBI agent, saying “Oh, no” in that incredibly disappointed tone?  The next shot is literally Matt Damon’s character waving at the hidden camera, then immediately regaining his composure to the point where he actually keeps an executive from sitting in front of it.

Soderberg tries to be funny, but he only goes half way with it.  This made me and at least one friend in the audience feel like we’d been robbed by the movie.  The missus liked it well enough, I think.  The ending is kind of a downer and what little comedy was in the first two acts suddenly gives way to a problem that probably could’ve been left out of the movie altogether.

Matt Damon is pretty good, but so is Scott Bakula and Tony Hale and they don’t get to do much in this movie.  Let’s put it to you this way, I don’t really like the Ocean’s 11 movies and I’ll admit they were funnier than this.  I give The Informant! 3 keggers out of 10.  No, make it 4.  I’m probably prejudiced by that damn trailer.