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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

It’s Thursday.  God declared Sunday a day of rest, but he declared Thursday would be a day of reckoning for dick eaters.  Let the justice begin!

 –  To the ACORN workers that offered to help set up an underage prostitution ring, just a quick reminder to remove the cock rings before you eat a plate of dick.

To whoever strangled poor Annie Le on her wedding day and stuffed her in a wall, open wide, there’s a heaping helping of cadaver dick from the Yale med school waiting for you.

– And talk about wrong.  It’s bad enough being homeless, but when someone steals your bike and kills you.  Could it get any worse?  I think the murdering tattoo artist should get a piled high helping of tattooed dick and probably will where he’s going.

–  A bit of good news: The Texas woman who was gang raped allegedly by KBR workers in Iraq and then locked in a shipping crate to prevent the reporting of the incident, will finally get to face her allegedly attackers in court.  Good for you, ma’am.  And may the judge sentence them all to eat a giant, dusty dick.

To Senator Baucus and the insurance companies that want 13% of our pay right off the top and to fine us $3800 for NOT having what is probably going to be insanely expensive healthcare, well there just aren’t enough dicks to go around.  Some of you boys will have to share.

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