Hello, bros and welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s suggestion is from Courtney Love who has been relentlessly twittering recently.  “Narciso was lovely my surname was “rodriguez” from 1st grade onward, i think thta freaks people out i thought it was a cool Italian name.”  Every tweet a hilarious gem, Courtney.  But we have no time to watch you crash and burn out today.  Today’s contestant is “Angry Town Hall”.  It’s a joke, but at least it’s a funny joke.

September 10th, 3:10pm:  “Joe Wilson has apologized. But will OBAMA apologize for taxing us to fund SOCIALIZED FIRE DEPARTMENTS?

I don’t think the federal government runs your local fire department, but I get your point.

September 10th, 5:31pm: “#FACT you can prevent fire by covering valuables with moist teabags. WE DONT NEED GOVT 2 DO IT

Ha!  Although the teabaggers get a bad rap thanks to Fox supporting them and MSNBC making fun of them.  (Ron Paul supporters, just stay away!  They make you look like dumbasses!)

September 10th, 11:03pm: “Obama may have debunked “Death Panels” but Obama’s Fire Dept. STILL using “Fire Panels” to let GRANDMA’S HOUSE BURN.

Amusing.  Geez, I hope the dimmer Glenn Beck crowd doesn’t take this too seriously.

September 10th, 11:10pm: “RUMOR: Obama makes Fire Dept. use their LADDERS to SPY ON YOU. Think about it. It’s probably true.

The ultimate goal, I guess would be to have one of these rumors taken seriously.  That would be awesome.

September 11th, 12:03am:  “DEFENDING JOE WILSON: He is a ROLE MODEL for not overthinking snap decisions.

Yeah, the House had a nice run.  Now it’s just like English Parliament.

September 11th, 12:35am:  “We are URGING people NOT 2 travel to Canada -their Fire Depts. R socialized &it is NOT safe. (ex: can die in fire)

Don’t forget France and the rest of Europe. Damn Socialists!

September 11th, 2:02pm: “WHY does Obama keep FORCING firefighters to put out fires that do not lead to profit? C’mon. We’re TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.

Yeah, that worked out so well during the Roman Empire.  (It was an excuse to buy up real estate cheap after it burned.)  I’m surprise Donald Trump didn’t think of it.

September 12th, 3:47am: “RUMOR: 9 million Canadians die in fires each year b/c of their SOCIALIZED fire depts. Think about it. It’s probably true.

Aw, you should’ve said “back-bacon frying related fatalities”.

September 12th, 4:36am: “TURN OVER Fire Depts. to BLACKWATER. They won’t be held acctble. if something goes wrong (saving taxpayers $)

They can just shoot anyone that complains.

September 12th, 5:43pm: ““If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of SOCIALIZED fire depts.” -Madison


September 12th, 7:17pm: “Obama will be on ’60 Minutes’ tomorrow; we are advising ALL PARENTS to pull their kids out of Sunday School.

Wait, that one doesn’t make any sense.  Wouldn’t 9-12’ers put their kids IN Sunday school so they wouldn’t see it?  And who goes to Sunday school at seven o’clock at night?

September 12th, 9:42pm: “Thx to all who came to 9/12 protest in DC, all agree we need to ELIMINATE OUR SOCIALIST FIRE DEPT. #glennbeck

Glenn Beck quoting this site would just be the best.  He can’t spell, so I think they have a shot.

September 13th, 3:39am:  “RUMOR: Firemen save cats from trees, then secretly replace with ACORN SPY ROBOT CATS. Think about it. Its probably true. #tcot

Ha, nice!

September 13th, 5:08pm: “RUMOR: Obama may use NASA lasers to covertly kill the elderly from space. Proof: NASA is socialized.

Sounds like one writer.  Two tops.  He should hook up with the Billionaires for Wealthcare.  I think these are the same guys that were the Billionaires for Bush.

September 14th, 2:35am: “Two roads diverged in the road, and I – I took the one that will privatize our Fire Departments. And it has made all the difference.

One nation, under God, with liberty and privatized fire departments for all.

September 15th, 12:31am:  “RUMOR: Obama forces Firefighters to use high-powered hoses to water ARUGULA in W.H. Garden. OUR TAX $$ WTF.

This reminds me of a Ted Rall cartoon about the 9/11 Firefighters.

11 hours ago:  “ATTN FIRE DEPTS: We are leaving our garden hoses at home.. THIS TIME.

You lost me.  Is that some reference to the 9-12ers?

5 hours ago:  “PROTEST ObamaFireCare on 9/24: http://www.prweb.com/releas… #tcot #glennbeck

Nice.  Now build on that.  I would go with regular posts a day, maybe three of quality.  Don’t rush, they’ll come to you.

5 hours ago:  “When Southward storms rain in Mexico, they are using AMERICAN water to put out fires. STOP SOCIALISM. #glennbeck

See?  Now you’re working the whole immigrant angle.  Nice.

5 hours ago:  “RUMOR: Fire hydrants contain robots used by ACORN to indoctrinate ppl into prostitution. DO NOT DRINK OR RUN THRU.

Nice!  Topical funny.  Not bad.  The website’s a scream too.

Okay, let’s rate Angry Town Hall.  I like this form of protest comedy, so I’m a bit biased for it, I’ll admit.  Although, I think with a name like “Angry Town Hall” you need to someone get in on the Healthcare debate too.  Still, I give him a 9 for Style, 8 for Insanity and a 9 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Nice.  Funny stuff.  Unless you’re a socialist or a 9-12er.  If you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, drop us an email.