Holy shit, bros.  Holy shit!  This Peter Jackson-produce movie is full of awesome.  It has the most incredible alien gun in cinema history.  Fuckin’ raw alien movie, man.

Okay, okay, let me calm down here.  This was directed and co-written by Neill Blomkamp and is really a metaphor for the days of South African Aprathied.  Basic plot: an alien ship gets stranded on Earth and it’s million or so inhabitants take refuge, but they end up in a disgusting, dirty, militarized containment camp and things just go downhill from there.  Twenty years later, a bureaucratic by the name of Wikus Van De Merwe touches an alien artifact that makes him “bond” in a weird way to the aliens.  People are just scum in this movie, so the characters that have actually humanity really shine.  Wikus’ journey is raw, difficult and touching.  And this movie is even open for a sequel.

If you don’t like this movie or at least respect the craft that went into it, please, just stop seeing movies.  Just crawl into a hole with a copy of Fast and Furious and don’ t ever darken the cinema with your presence again.

My only minor gripe with the film is that there are some scenes where you really wish the characters would just talk to each other.  But then again, that’s what it’s about.  How bureaucracy can quickly strip people of humanity and make it easy for people to be “process” ie killed without much thought.

I give District 9 ten keggers out of ten.  It’s a visceral experience, not for the squeamish, but something that should be seen.

On another note, I just transcribed a review for G.I. Joe over at Comedy.com’s Animation and Comic Book Blog.